With its square, strong, essential shape without sharp edges, T-Square is a vertical drop-down awning that integrates perfectly into the surrounding environment. The 4 mm stainless steel cables maintain the perfect tautness of the canvas. It can reach a width of 400 cm (157.5 in) and a maximum height of 450 cm (177.2 in). It is available in Screen, Soltis and acrylic filtering fabrics. T-Square is also equipped with patented Magnetic Lock System, a locking solution that keeps the canvas perfectly taut when there is no wind and, in the event of more intense gusts, detaches the canvas briefly in order to release the wind pressure.

  • Vertical awning with cables, aluminum box and patented Magnetic Lock System for inferior locking.
  • T-Square box: 13.3 cm x 13.3 cm (5.24 in x 5.24 in).
  • Stainless steel cables (4 mm).
  • Fabric reinforced corners.
  • Screen, Soltis and acrylic fillering fabrics.
  • Motor or manual operation.
  • Maximum awning size: width 400 cm (157.5 in), height 450 cm (177.2 in).

Structure Finishes: Standard

White Sand
Ivory Sand
Grey Sand
White semi-gloss
Ivory Semi-Gloss
Bright Aluminium mat
Iron Grey

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Iron Grey


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