• Rationality and technology meet and are summarized in this extendable-arm, box-concealed awning. T-Hide can reach the dimensions of 700 cm (275.6 in) in width and 400 cm (157.5 in) in depth.
  • Designed for wall installation, it can be completed with a remote-controlled concealed front valance and an LED lighting system with adjustable brightness. All functions are accessible via remote control or a high-performing smartphone application.
  • T-Hide is equipped with an original arm tensioning system with motorized movement that allows to vary the awning’s inclination from 10° to 40° to improve sun protection and achieve [sophisticated] privacy.
  • When the awning is closed, the box transforms into a refined aesthetic detail that enhances and completes the architectural project.

  • Retractable awning with aluminum protective box.
  • Motorized operation only.
  • Water drainage from the sides of the awning front.
  • Wall installation.
  • Maximum awning size: L 700 cm x W 400 cm (L 275.6 in x W 157.5 in).

Structure Finishes: Standard

White Sand
Ivory Sand
Grey Sand
White semi-gloss
Ivory Semi-Gloss
Bright Aluminium mat
Iron Grey

Plastic Parts Colors

Iron Grey


Ral Choice

Ral e Standard