Protection and aesthetics. T-Box is a vertical awning suitable for every type of solution thanks to the wide range of shading, filtering or Cristal transparent fabrics available. It can reach dimensions of 500 cm (196.9 in) in width and 300 cm (118.1 in) in depth. Mounting can be made by using either a set of steel cables or a couple of side guides and zippers that hold the canvas. The movement is exclusively motorized. The awning opens and closes automatically depending on sunlight and wind conditions. Among the optional products available is Power Spring System, a unique and innovative solution which, through gas springs, keeps the tautness of the fabric constant and homogeneous in whatever position the canvas is stopped. A set of remote-controlled white LED lights completes the product.

  • Two versions available:
    with stainless steel cables
    with zipper-equipped aluminum guides.
  • Minimalistic and elegant sealed box (17.6 x 11 cm, 6.93 x 4.33 in).
  • Guides can be installed in two different positions.
  • Winding tube, diameter 78 mm (for awnings up to 400 cm) and 85 mm (for awnings with width greater than 400 cm).
  • Wall, ceiling or recess installation.
  • Motor operation only.
  • Wide choice of block-out, filtering or Cristal transparent fabrics (Cristal can be used in the ‘zip’ version only).
  • Maximum dimensions (maximum surface 15 sqm):
    width 400 cm x depth 300 cm (width 157.5 in x depth 118.1 in) with cables (T-Box cables)
    width 500 cm x depth 300 cm (width 196.9 in x depth 118.1 in) with guides (T-Box zip).

Structure Finishes: Standard

White Sand
Ivory Sand
Grey Sand
White semi-gloss
Ivory Semi-Gloss
Bright Aluminium mat
Iron Grey

Plastic Parts Colors

Iron Grey


Ral Choice

Ral e Standard