This Optional is a particular version with retractable blades. It can be completed with the refined Raso awnings and the Slide Glass panes. The sunscreen blades come close and retract so you can enjoy outdoor living to the utmost.

Raso is the vertical closure with Zip that completes the bioclimatic pergola Opera. Thanks to the transparent, screening or block out fabrics it offers the desired protection and lighting, while it totally disappears into the structure when it is closed.

Slide Glass is a sliding glass walls system that allows to create various closing combinations.

  • Sunscreen blades system coming together with remote control.
  • Available in three version:
  • Premium - aluminum structure that can be completed with in-built raso Zip perimeter closures and SlideGlass Panes.
  • Superior - aluminum structure that can be completed with SlideGlass panes.
  • Basic - covering with slim perimeter profiles so that it can fit into courtyards and existing structures.
  • Protection from the sun, rain and wind.
  • Blades brackets in INOX.
  • Modules that can be coupled depth wise and widthwise to cater for large spaces (Superior and Premium).
  • Maximum size retracted blades:
    Blade: 2 cm — Max Size: 80cm
    Blade: 3 cm — Max Size: 110cm

  • Brightness: possibility to compact the blades at the desired position and have the maximum brightness.
  • Eco-friendly: reduce the overheating of the building and of the glass walls protected by the bioclimatic pergolas.
  • Natural light and shade comfort.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Remote Control: for an easy control of blades, LEDs and RASO integrated closures.
  • Quality: tests guarantee the maximum functionality.

Frame Colors

White Sand
Ivory Sand
Grey Sand
White semi-gloss
Ivory Semi-Gloss
Bright Aluminium mat
Iron Grey

Plastic Parts Colors

Iron Grey


Ral Choice

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