Featuring a sleek and polished design, Opera integrates an effective shading covering into a wholly aluminium-made structure, which can be completed with Raso perimeter closures, to meet the needs of total protection as well.

This is a particular version with optional retractable blades. It can be completed with the refined Raso awnings and the Slide Glass panes. The sunscreen blades come close and retract so you can enjoy outdoor living to the utmost.

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Raso is the zip vertical closure that completes the bioclimatic pergola Opera. Thanks to a choice of transparent, screening or block-out fabrics it offers the desired protection and brightness, while totally disappearing into the structure when closed.

Slide Glass is a sliding glass walls system that allows to create various closing combinations.

  • Grants protection from sun, rain, wind and snow.
  • Structure and shading blades are wholly aluminum-made.
  • Self-supporting structure, stand-alone or wall installation, can be fitted to match existing structures or stands.
  • Maximum sizes of shading covering: 600 cm x 450 cm, 27 sqm (236.2 in x 177.2 in, 290.6 sqft)
  • Multiple structures can be combined together to create as wide protected spaces as desired.
  • Water drainage is granted by drain pipes integrated in the structure perimeter.
  • Blades opening can be adjusted up to 140¡Æ by using a remote control.

  • Integrated LED lighting featuring RGB technology, white light and brightness variation are included.
  • Temperature, rain, wind, and snow sensors.
  • Wireless devices automatically detect light intensity and control the opening and closing of the blades.
  • Remote Control: up to 42 functions for a complete, easy control of blades, LEDs and RASO closures.
  • Variable depth system: the structure¡¯s depth can be customized on request.

Frame Colors

White Sand
Ivory Sand
Grey Sand
White semi-gloss
Ivory Semi-Gloss
Bright Aluminium mat
Iron Grey

Plastic Parts Colors

Iron Grey


Ral Choice

Ral & Standard